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Meet Kirky

Creative Director

Meet Kirk Padmore, known affectionately as "Kirky", an avid fitness and gym photographer. For over a decade, Kirky has passionately crafted a visual narrative in the realm of fitness, utilizing his lens to capture the dedication, strength, and spirit of those immersed in the fitness world.

Specializing in fitness and gym photography, Kirky's portfolio reflects a deep understanding of the discipline, showcasing the raw energy and commitment found within these spaces. His lens not only captures physical prowess but also celebrates the human determination and passion that drive individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

As the founder of Clever Ideas Studio, Kirky has spent over a decade refining his craft, committed to delivering professional and captivating fitness imagery. His goal remains unwavering: to immortalize the dedication and motivation prevalent in gym culture through his distinct and impactful visual storytelling.

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